In 2012 we bought 8 acres of beautiful, fertile land near Bath. Having laid fallow for 60 years we are now bringing the land back to life and life back to the land. For nearly 100 years this south facing land was part of the patchwork of nurseries worked by many hands to produce food and flowers for Bath and beyond.

With a great group of friends and volunteers we come together to grow flowers, fruit & vegetables. Following permaculture techniques and no dig ideas, we work to restore the relationship between land and people and enrich the diversity of its natural habitat. We are part of an upswell of small-scale organic growers around the city which provide a more ethical alternative to traditional farming production.

Off grid, low impact, small scale, diverse and chemical free, we look to produce local affordable and healthier products, with no food miles. Our sustainable agriculture enhances soil quality and contributes to healthy and resilient underground and aboveground ecosystems, just as the experience of working, sharing, learning and creating together enhances our mental and physical well-being.

What we grow nourishes people, the soil and the planet. This land that we love connects us to the beauty of our planet and shows us that using less damaging agricultural practices is a viable positive option for long term prosperity.

We seek a respectful connection to the land, with this in mind we leave one quarter of the land wild. We nurture the land as it nurtures us.
from the land


“The land is a place that brings people together in a joyous and creative way, Su & Martin really seem to relish the involvement of other people’s ideas, physical contribution and the different energies different people bring, give and take to the land, it’s a special place that people make personal connections with. It’s a generous place, fertile also for people’s creativity and offering respite and comfort from troubles or stress.”

“They have a love of this land, a real sense of how important and natural it is to share the experience and products – of all forms (laughter, vegetables, music, sweat, starry nights, knowledge of a different way of being) – of the land.”

“It’s hard to convey the energy of the place in words. It needs to be experienced!”

Su & Martin
founders of
From the Land