From the Land

In 2012 Martin and Su bought 8 acres of beautiful, fertile land near Bath. Having lain fallow for 60 years we are now bringing the land back to life. For nearly 100 years this south facing land was a flower nursery worked by many hands. The land still grows flowers and is part of a new supportive network of small, ethical, organic growers. We established our Community Interest Company in December 2023.

We are off grid, low impact, small scale and chemical free, following permaculture methods and worked by volunteers. We welcome new volunteers and aim to nourish people as well as the land.

We plan to teach regenerative growing of flowers and vegetables to local residents. Many people lack access to nature. Connection to land and nature is known to improve mental health especially in times of isolation and financial crisis. In particular we aim to work with residents of local care homes and people struggling to finance funerals. We are very close to Haycombe Cemetery and will link with them. We plan to teach countryside arts and skills, like flower wreath making, green wood skills, natural dying and spinning. We aim to provide a safe and welcoming space where people can develop new skills and friends, where we enrich the land and build a resilient community.
from the land


“The land is a place that brings people together in a joyous and creative way, Su & Martin really seem to relish the involvement of other people’s ideas, physical contribution and the different energies different people bring, give and take to the land, it’s a special place that people make personal connections with. It’s a generous place, fertile also for people’s creativity and offering respite and comfort from troubles or stress.”

“They have a love of this land, a real sense of how important and natural it is to share the experience and products – of all forms (laughter, vegetables, music, sweat, starry nights, knowledge of a different way of being) – of the land.”

Su & Martin