Springtime on the Land

´╗┐Spring is REALLY springing on the land!
April is bringing us sun, rain, hail, warmth and also frosts-so we are tentatively putting our heads out of the poly tunnel which is stuffed full of seedlings and wondering when to risk it!

We had 2 lambs arrive last week, born on a snowy day and running about within hours.
Martins niece Cora was with us building paths and tidying up the shepherds hut, a lot of very necessary tree work thanks to Kris and the crowning glory of our posh new compost loo thanks to Ian. This is the culmination of winter planning and work and we will be having a grand opening, with ribbon cutting and drinks to ensure christening the unit within the next few weeks

We meet to dig, play, plant and enjoy the land Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday.
Come and join us and enjoy a legendary lunch with us, nettle soup is on the menu

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